Lucca works as a cook in Aiud Castle. Ajaccio offered him up to Mima to get the magician help Prishtina and stay at the castle. He is now Mima's personal cook.


Lucca is a teen with short, brown hair and dark brown eyes. At his first appearance, he wears a white shirt and black pants under a white apron, a blue sarf tied around his neck. Later, he wears a long yellow shirt under a short black vest as well as brown pants and dark brown shoes.


Lucca carries out his duties to the best of his abilites, not wanting to disappoint Ajaccio, whom he admires. He is always polite to the people he meets, especially those in higher standing, describing himself as an 'ordinary person'.

He seems easily frightened and meek, but also capable of adapting to his situation fast.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

He is a good cook.



Season 1Edit

What an Uncle Does for His One and Only Niece

He cooks and prepares the food that is used to coax Mima into helping the princess. When Mima still not agrees, Ajaccio offers Lucca up to the magician, to the boy's horror.

The Perfect Magician

Lucca is formally introduced to Mima and gifts the magician a paper bag of baked goods he made.

The Princess' Choice

Mima hugs Lucca in an iron grip, wanting to take 'his cook' back to the Forest with him. Only when Ajaccio lies that Lucca breaking his contract as cook with the castle would result in the boy's execution does Mima agree to stay at the castle and have Lucca as his personal cook. Lucca doesnt move and has his eyes closed in resignation through the whole ordeal, silently crying when the deal is concluded.

The Cook's Heart-Pounding Castle Diary

Lucca writes about his first day living with Mima and Lacoruna in the most remote spire of the castle, on behest of Ajaccio. He is to keep an eye on the two, but is frightened at the prospect of being in the presence of a magician and a fairy. His fears prove true when he almost gets blown to pieces by Lacoruna's outburst. Mima protects him and titles him a 'fragile, precious being', scolding the young fairy for nearly killing the cook. Only later, when he goes on a picnic with the two and even reads them a book does he ease up and even looks forward to staying with them.


  • Mima considers Lucca to be his property now and would have taken him back to the Forest with him if not for Ajaccio's intervention.