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Aiud, the Kingdom of Fairies and Magic.

Topology Edit

To the north lie the Forest and a mountain range, to the west and south a sea named 'Sea of Aquileia'. A river is dividing it from north to south. Aiud castle is situated on an island connected to the mainland by a white bridge and protected by Aquileia's blessing of protection that prevents anyone from entering without a permit.

The buildings in the city and the castle are held in the colors white for walls and blue for roofs. Even the streets seem to be paved in white stone.

The only known duchy so far is 'Belfort', the agriculture center of the kingdom, managed by the Belfort family.

History Edit

Aiud was founded 1314 years ago as of the start of the story [1][2]. The founder king is not known by name or his abilites, only the fact that he founded the kingdom with the help of his fairy friend Aquileia. The princess Prishtina is currently investigating the identity of the first king to discover the meaning of the inscription on his throne: "I swear I will lie down in a coffin when the dead body is born." [3] By listening to the Song of Aquileia she got to know that he was a magician and that the inscription is connected to his death.

Politics Edit

The kingdom is currently ruled by the Edirne family which has a direct blood relation to the founder king.

The heir to the throne is Prishtina Lille Edirne, to be crowned in the coming winter. The kingdom has been without king since her father's death and only now that she came of age the ceremony can be held. However, many influential people in the kingdom oppose her as ruler because she does not show any talent as a magician, and lives isolated on the castle island due to fear of assassination attempts.

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